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CAR SERVICING ITEMS MENU: For everything from an oil and filter change to Logbook Service for new and near new cars. HAE is the auto technology master. We do it once and do it right.

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Find the car maintenance repairs and servicing information you need quickly. New car servicing all makes: BMW to VW most Trusted Mechanics since 1966.

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Car Services Interest Free Flexible Easy Payment Options

Service Your Car now and PAY LATER with our interest free easy payment options. Choose from HUMM PAY or ZIP PAY options to pay for your repairs and servicing over a period best suited to you.

Check out our Custom Servicing page and discover another way to save on vehicle maintenance costs.

Various Names For Vehicle Services

Alternative names for vehicle services are MINOR SERVICE which is the basic building block for all vehicles services. Then there is MAJOR SERVICE as the name suggests a comprehensive and very necessary service. New car owners would be familiar with the dealer reference to LOGBOOK SERVICE where the manufacturer has set out a best case servicing program for a new vehicle.


Secure Your New Car From Car Thieves at HAE Rockhampton

THE ANTI-THEFT SOLUTION Car thieves know about engine immobilisers and how to circumvent them. The HAE technologies immobiliser lock keeps your car safe by locking the vehicle’s engine immobiliser system.Visit Engine Immoboliser Lock

ALCOHOL INTERLOCK SYSTEMS We install and service both court appointed and private vehicle alcohol interlock systems. An alcohol interlock prevents the vehicle from starting if the preset alcohol reading is exceeded. For parents with teenagers, it provides peace of mind that their children are not driving whilst under the influence of alcohol.Visit AIS Alcohol Interlock
Examples of vehicles we service
● Audi
● Daewoo
● Daihatsu
● Datsun
● Fiat
● Ford
● Holden
● Honda
● Hyundai
● Isuzu Ute
● Jeep
● Kia
● Land Rover
● Lexus
● Mazda
● Mini
● Mitsubishi
● MG Service
● Nissan
● Subaru
● Suzuki
● Toyota
● Volkswagen
● Volvo

Highway Auto Servicing, offer personal service and quality workmanship guaranteed* for life.

book in car servicing rockhampton For any of the above services or for any automotive repairs, Mechanical, Air-conditioning, Auto electrical, Cruise control, Caravan services, Bosch, Delkor and Century Batteries.

You can speak with Cathy or Steve who will talk you through any automotive service questions and advice; they are well-informed, patient, professionals. (07) 4926 1303


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